Assignment 5: Digital Pet

Due Friday, October 16, before midnight

The goals for this assignment are:

  • Define and use functions

1. Description

The goal of this assignment is to create a digital pet. Each day, your pet loses energy and its mood deteriorates. Give your pet treats to improve its energy and also its mood!

2. Features

  • Your pet’s energy ranges from 0 to 100. Energy can never be less than 0 or greater than 100.

  • Pressing '>' increases the current day by 1

  • Pressing 't' gives your pet a treat

  • Energy starts at 90

  • Day starts at 1

  • Each day, your pet loses 5-20 units of energy.

  • Giving a treat, increases your pet’s energy by 5-10 units.

  • Your pet’s energy level determines its mood, for example,

    • Joyful: 100

    • Happy: 90-99

    • Peaceful: 80-89

    • Melancholy: 70-79

    • Sad: 60-69

    • Grumpy: 50-59

    • Unconscious: 0-49

3. Requirements

  • Define global variables for day and energy

  • Design your own unique pet. You can base your pet on a previous assignment. A good submission will also modify the pet’s appearance based on the mood. For example, you can change the color, shape, or expressions of your pet.

  • Use the random function to increase and decrease your pet’s energy. For example, call random(5,20) to get the energy loss for the day.

  • You can personalize the moods however you like. Make sure that they are based on the energy level and that you have at least 4 of them.

  • You program must define and use the functions below; however, you are encouraged to include more functions to keep your program organized. For example, you might have a function drawPet() which calls a function drawExpression()

Inputs: none
Outputs: none
Side effects: modifies energy and day
Updates our pet:
- decreases the energy by [5,20)
- increments the day by 1
- ensures energy does not go below 0
void updatePet()

Inputs: none
Outputs: none
Side effects: modifies energy
Gives a treat to our pet
- increases the energy by [5,10)
- ensures energy does not go above 100
void giveTreat()

Inputs: energy (float) - the given energy level to translate to a mood
Outputs: String
Side effects: none
Returns a string indicating the current mood based on the given energy level
String computeMood(float energy)

4. What to hand-in

  1. The program (Don’t forget your header comment!)

  2. A brief write-up with your name, course and assignment number and a few sentences about unique features of your sketch. If you found aspects of the assignment interesting or challenging, include that too.

  3. Images (png,jpg) or an animation (gif or video) of your finished sketch. Use thess to demonstrate the features of your pet!

5. Submission guidelines

Submit your program (entire sketch directory), write-up, and image as an electronic copy in the folder marked A05 in your dropbox folder.