Assignment 2: Make an original animation!

Due Friday, September 25, before midnight

The goals for this assignment are:

  • Gain more practice with shapes and colors

  • Work with variables

  • Save your work as a gif

1. Description

The goal of this assignment is to create a scene having at least one animated component.

You may re-use your scene from assignment 1. You can animate a component of your scene or add new components to animate. We encourage you to re-write components of assignment 1 so it’s easy to move parts of the scene together. For an example, see the hovering cloud example from lecture, or the Zoog example from your book (Section 4-7).

If you wish, you may also create a new scene. The new scene should be non-trivial, but does not need to include all the primitives of assignment 1.


  • Your program should use variables.

    • The variables you define should have descriptive names

    • Feel free to use Processing variables, such as width and height

    • Feel free to re-write portions of your assignment 1 to use variables. This should simplify your code and make it more flexible.

  • Your program should contain at least one accumulator variable. Use this variable to animate a component in your scene.

  • Your animated component should contain at least 3 primitives. For example, animating a single ellipse will not impress!

  • Your animated component should make sense for your scene. For example, cut and pasting an example from class on top of your assignment 1 will not suffice!

  • Make sure that it is at least 500 pixels by 500 pixels. The dimensions can vary depending upon your design, but make sure that it is not "small".

  • If you are making a new scene, be sure to use at least 4 different primitives out of: line, rect, ellipse, quad, beginShape/endShape, arc, curve.

  • Include proper source code header and adequate comments.

  • Below are examples of scenes which would meet our requirements:

    • an aquarium with an animated fish

    • an underwater submarine

    • streets with an animated car

    • flowers with an animated bee

    • sky with flying plane

    • a rocket ship taking off

    • a flying saucer traveling through a asteroid belt

    • a lab with a robot

    • beach sunset

    • etc.

  • Sign your work - the course title (CS110 Fall 2020) and your name should appear some where in the bottom of the sketch. Use the text() function and design your own signature.

2. What to hand-in

  1. The program

  2. A write-up with your name, course and assignment number. This week, briefly describe where and how you used variables in your program.

  3. A gif of your finished sketch. If you don’t have a preferred tool for making GIFs on your computer, try using the open source tool called LiceCAP.

3. Submission guidelines

Submit your program (entire sketch directory), write-up, and image as an electronic copy in the folder marked A02 in your dropbox folder.