Assignment 1: Make an original design!

Due Friday, September 18, before midnight

The goals for this assignment are:

  • Work with shapes and colors

  • Understand the Processing canvas and coordinate system

  • Save your work as an image

1. Description

Design and create your own sketch using the Processing language/environment. Think of yourself as a creative designer when choosing the topic of your design. This is your very first program, so here are some guidelines.


  • Make sure that it is at least 500 pixels by 500 pixels. The dimensions can vary depending upon your design, but make sure that it is not "small".

  • Use each of the following drawing primitives at least once: line, rect, ellipse, quad, beginShape/endShape, arc, curve.

  • Make liberal use of formatting commands, including: background, no/stroke, no/fill.

  • Include proper source code header and adequate comments.

  • Your program should call many built-in functions and create a design, as this is the point of this assignment. A very "abstract" sketch like a simple circle in the center of the screen will not suffice (as aesthetic as it may seem). Here are some ideas:

    • A self-portrait

    • An avatar or a cartoon of someone

    • Your favorite cartoon TV Show character or design your own…​

    • A city scape

    • Animal/object caricatures/study

    • A post card design

    • A fabric pattern

    • Stylize your name’s initials…​or a logo

    • The Bryn Mawr Owl

    • A Poster

    • Imitation of existing design or art

    • etc.

  • Sign your work - the course title (CS110 Fall 2020) and your name should appear some where in the bottom of the sketch. Use the text() function and design your own signature.

2. What to hand-in

  1. The program

  2. A write-up with your name, course and assignment number and a paragraph about the sketch, its inspiration, and how you designed and implemented it. Include a brief discussion about your experience working on this assignment.

  3. A jpg or png image of your finished sketch (use the save() function).

3. Submission guidelines

Submit your program (entire sketch directory), write-up, and image as an electronic copy in the folder marked A01 in your dropbox folder.

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